Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Teaser Tuesday!!!!


So this is another Teaser Tuesday from SIXTH CIRCLE.
In this snippet, MC Mary is at Craig's party with her best friend Megan, where she sees Faust, the handsome and mysterious guy she doesn't really remember because of her coma. (Hint: read Teaser Tuesday #1). Hope you guys like.

Standing there, Daisy and Faust, very close to each other. I didn't expect him to have human contact at such great heights. All this time I've seen him, he'd always been quiet, and yet, he had some kind of charisma that captured people's attention. Maybe it was because his silver eyes--which by the way had to be contacts, right? And I found it rather unsatisfactory that he has yet spoken to me. I mean--all I want to talk to him about is Noah.

Bianca stuck her index finger in her mouth, making a face. "Apparently, so."

"Why would he want her?" asked Megan.

Did that question really require an answer?

"Why wouldn't he want her?" I asked, sounding somewhat defensive, "She's pretty," I toned down my aggressive tone.

The loud music continued to hum in my ears as the song changed into a slower tune. Bianca shot a glare at me. "Honey, Faust Diabolus doesn't just choose any girl," her lips curled with her words, "Amanda Fife; beautiful, smart, accepted into Princeton with early admissions. Rejected. Catherine Siegel; even more beautiful, senior, and the star of the swim team. Rejected. Daisy Constantine; captain of the cheerleader zombies, b-student, and school's resident slut. Accepted?" she waited for an answer, and when I didn't provide one, she continued. "No. I don't think so. There's definitely something up."

I took in all the negativity she was putting on Daisy, who to me looked like a very good girl. Daisy and Faust were by a huge glass door, over-looking the back yard, and probably if I had the chance to look further, the lake would lie not too far.

With a flirtatious smile, Daisy slid the door open. I couldn't see too well, but besides Daisy's smirk, I could make out Faust's expressionless face. She exited the door and he followed, closing the door quietly. There was a significant-sized gap he didn’t close off. Didn't they want some privacy, whatever they were doing?

"Where are they going?" I asked, concern flowing swiftly in my voice.

"I don't know," Bianca replied, "And most importantly, I don't care. “Have you seen the cute DJ?"

"Mary," I rolled my eyes. Not again. "This is the last time I'm going to tell you. Get out of here."

"Craig," Megan scolded. "Just fuck off, will you?" The curse word singed my ears. I had to get used to this. Dear God help me.

He ignored Megan. "Mary, let me take you home."

"Stop telling me what to do," I rebuked. I was ticked off with his attitude. You weren't supposed to shoo guests from a party without a decent explanation.

"Mary, cut the bullshit, I'm taking you home," Maybe I had gone too far.

Out of nowhere: "Hey." It was Brody, the boy with the handsome shark face. But before the conversation took off, something caught all our attention. Before Craig could order me to leave and before Megan could tell Brody off, something caused us to stop and listen. Made us listen.

I had to make sure that I'd heard it for real before bringing it upon my peers.

The sound rattled through my ear canals once again. The sound was real. "Did you guys hear that?" Megan asked before I did, in a way, saving my troubles.
No one answered. We just listened. Brody ran to the DJ, commanding him to silence the music for just a second. The music died down. There were no peculiar sounds except the crying of crickets and the calling of frogs.

But suddenly, something woke me up. A scream. An ear-splitting, bone-crunching scream that almost made me paralyzed. I couldn't explain the feeling I had. The feeling of knowing that something had gone horribly wrong.

"It's coming from the backyard."


VĂ©ro said...

How creepy!

Madeline-Rose said...


That was amazing!

J.S. Wood said...

Oh wow!! hmmmm...

Paranormalchick said...

Okay this story was right down my alley!!! I wanna read the whole thing! Great snip :)

Mortem Twins said...

thanks guys!!!

Karla said...

got to this late.. but I love it! Totally creeped out, but I want to read more!

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