Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Character Profile - Faust (Diabolus)

Model Erich Taylor

Full Name: Faust Diabolus

Age: Unknown

Height: About 6'1

Weight: Unknown

Appearance: A set of intriguing silver eyes that's made to frighten and attract the attention of those around him. He's tall, muscular, and rarely smiles.

Personality: Most of his personality is unknown, but when he shows interests in others, he's usually sarcastic, vile, and careless.

Friendships: The whole school wants to be his friend, but who were they kidding?

Family: From what it seems, his family is Lucifer, his father, Desdemona, his supposed little sister, and Selene, he woman who Mary seems to think is the mother figure.

Favorite Subject in School: Faust says: "Surely you're jesting."

Likes/Loves: His interests are a mystery.

Hates: His pet peeves also.

Song: This Place is a Prison by The Postal Service

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