Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Teaser Tuesday - SLOW

Hey, guys! Another Tuesday, another Teaser. I'll be reading everyone's as sson as I get home from school!

Now, this is another teaser from SLOW, since Selena's still a bit self-conscious with sharing anything else from Brothers. Last week, a caring side of Drew is shown. This week, it's a little different, because it sort of goes back to the past, but really in a dream. So this is the first of these kinds of dreams that Drew starts having--and he's starting to remember what could've happened to Jo.

Thanks for the comment guys!

Monday, February 22, 2010

My Buried Life List (So far)

Okay, so, there's this show called the Buried Life that's inspired me in many ways, not just in life, but also my writing. After watching that show, my fuel to write just sort of bubbled a little more. There's so much inspiration that can come up in a less than thirty minutes, and when they put the sad music on it's just the best. It just shows everyone that nothing, NOTHING is impossible.

So I made my own little list of what I want to do before I die, basically what the show's all about.

In no order:

* Kiss a shark
* Give a graduation speech at an Ivy League College (when I'm older, of course)
* Bathe in chocolate
* Be a part of an action movie
* Pull out 7 days worth of all-nighters (a week of no sleeping)
* Drink my first legal shot/glass/taste of alcohol
* Be in a music video
* Get my book published, and then some
* Go streaking
* Face my fear of heights
* Shoot a gun (at a dummy, of course)
* Run a six minute mile
* Go on a joy ride with my friends (I need a license first)
* Read every classic literature piece before I turn 30
* Go to Antarctica
* Hug a bear
* Meet Emeril
* Gather with all my childhood friends and play tag at a cemetery at night
* Try out for American Idol
* Write a song with lyrical genius Tom Delonge
* Join the Peace Corp
* Do a collaboration with all my favorite authors (once I'm published)
* Kiss a stranger
* Go cliffdiving off of some Australian cliffs
* Run around my neigborhood screaming "The world's gonna end!"
* Give Stephenie Meyer a copy of Nightlight by the Harvard Lampoon
* Fall in love
* Save a life or many using my words
* Win the lottery and donat 50% of it to charities
* See a tiger give birth
* Jump in a moshpit
* Interview a racist
* Go to a heaven-looking rivefield I always dream about and just lay down
* Buy my mom a mansion
* and meet the Buried Life guys

What do you wanna do before you die?

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

I Might Sound Lame...

But Woot! Andrew Garcia,

Alex Lambert,

and Tim Urban are on the Idol Top 24!!!

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Teaser Teaser Teaser - SLOW

Alright, y'all. First off, we just wanna thank everyone who commented on our teaser last week, and just thank everyone who had time to read it, even though they couldn't comment. Thanks!

This week, we have a teaser for Serena's SLOW. In the previous two teasers from this, MC Drew is introduced. Now, jumping ahead a little bit, Drew kind of shows a different side of him. Of course, to put all the pieces together, you'd actually have to read ALL of SLOW. But for right now, here's a little piece:

Thanks for reading and commenting!

Friday, February 12, 2010

Slow Cover Art

I've always loved covers with symbolism, and here, there's a lot. Maybe some of you can infer what the story's about...

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Teaser Tuesday : BROTHERS

So for the last two weeks, you guys have read from Serena's WIP SLOW. But this week, it's time for Selena's rough WIP entitled BROTHERS (for now :P) to be released in the world. It's still rough, however, because it's just something I started writing one day and it grew into something more.

Brothers is about learning to be your own man and not always depending on the ones closest to you. It's about choosing between loyalty to your family, or saving yourself and getting everything you want. And of course, about the real bond twins have--the one everyone thinks is just a myth :D.

Add in a mysterious book, a completely different territory on the other side of a river, a very different girl, a Local legend that just might repeat itself, and splashes of Native American Mythology, and this WIP is what it is.

Anyways, back to the teaser.

It's in a guy's point-of-view, and his name is Evan. :D

Thanks for reading!

What do you think?

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

WIP Wednesday - SLOW premise and Trailer

As promised (I think), we decided to be have a new blogging schedule. So far, we've schedule what's to be for Tuesdays and Wednesdays, and although that might not seem a lot for the hot-shot bloggers out there, it was an accomplishment to us :P. Anyways, this Wednesday, it's only appropriate to introduce my WIP, SLOW, to fellow bloggers out there. The teaser comments have been supportive and it's been great hearing--reading--them, since this is the first time I--Serena--'ve ever written something like this or close to it.

SLOW is a story about a boy named Drew Prendergast, who just happens to be a real-life person that kind of inspired me to write this story. This WIP started out as nothing but a "I'm-going-to-pass-time-now-since-my-first-book-is-out-to-betas" *deep breath* thing, and the plot isn't half what it is now. I still remember. November 18th, 2009, and I really wanted something to do with snow, and I just wrote this endless thing. I kinda forgot about it the next day and left it there until the new year began, and my sister and I knew that we'd have to put GLACIALIS, our other project, away for awhile until we're ready to revise it again.

All the while this is going on, the boy at school that's been my best friend (and crush, hehe) since last year, made a real derogatory remark that I took to the heart. It wasn't addressed to me, personally, but I knew it might as well be that way, because what he said, man it can be offensive to ANYBODY. For days, I asked myself if what he says is true. If he really meant it and if he did, would he be able to change. Being myself, I asked him a week later. His answer? Yeah, he meant what he said. But what shocked me about all that was the fact that he said it wasn't his fault. That whatever he thought came from his parents, and what they thought made him say those words. Again, being selfish, I told him he was stupid.

We didn't talk for about two weeks. One horrible day, I went to my recycle bin (you know, the one on your computer)to retrieve some English homework I deleted by accident. There it was: the document, titled "slow" in small caps. My curiosity made me open it, and since I haven't seen it for so long, I thought to myself: did I plagiarize this? This does not sound like me. But it was. And angry as I was, I knew I needed to write. SO I started writing. Named my nameless guy MC Drew because it sounds like a completely annoying boy name and pounded on my keyboard. I remembered everything my ex-guy-best-friend said and typed it all down in the point-of-view of this jerk MC, who's running away from something.

And you know what? It felt good. Besides the fact that a few "from"'s were "forms" and "of"'s were "fo"'s, it read pretty well. I was happy by the end of the day, and forgot to retrieve my english homework.

Ironically, the next day, jerk ex-guy-best-friend comes along to my table at lunch and starts yapping off an apology. He still stood by what he said, but he also admitted about his "mistake" of ignorantly saying it wasn't his fault. I told him that it wasn't, but he could change. And then a light bulb lit up right there and then. What if Drew had no choice? What if he had no choice but to HATE, or PERSECUTE those who were DIFFERENT? What if his entire freakin' town was home to the world's most close-minded, close-hearted people? Would he take the exact same step as ex-guy-best-friend who turns into now-best-guy-friend and invite me over to his house, even though his parents hate people of color?

This got me thinking. What if the girl in my story is not only colored, but is also different? As in, not of this world different? What if she thinks Drew hates her for being out-of-this-world different, instead of just being colored? Get the gist?

Then, the revamped SLOW is born. Drew is now not only running away from the truth (finding his girlfriend Jo's blood in Silver Creek, but no body), but also running away from what he might be feeling for this girl he found trying to jump off the exact same bridge Jo did. And then, like every story, there's a connection. The girl and Jo--very connected. Drew just doesn't know this--yet.

Throw in a bunch of complications, mythological elements, self-transformation, and there you have it: a story that I really love writing. Hopefully, it'll sound better once it's done and collected and has a query or synopsis or whatever.

As a closing note, I'll leave you with the cast pictures (how I picture them, at least) and the trailer :3

Drew Prendergast, 17, The life of the party until his girlfriend's blood is found in Silver Creek. No body, no goodbye. At least, that's what everyone thinks...

Liam Hawk, 17, Drew's life-is-good best friend who constantly pushes Drew to move on by throwing girls like Jess Kensington on him.

Girl, found by Drew trying to jump off the bridge. Jo's voice inside his head forced him to save her. Has no home, has no car, no phone number, total dinosaur. Now he's stuck with protecting her from the prejudice of Freedom.

Jo, 18, Drew's dead(or is she?) girlfriend who he keeps hearing voices from and dreaming of.

Now, the trailer:

Next Week: A teaser from Selena's WIP BROTHERS.

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Teaser Tuesday

Another teaser from SLOW this week, since it's gotten real positive comments last week. We'll post more about it soon (characters, plot, etc.) so you'll have a feel of where we're coming from with this.

Backstory: Last teaser, Drew's sulking about his girlfriend Jo's death, and he sees something unbelievable. Well, he follows that figure when "she" runs away, and sees her again on the bridge (it used to be the Well, but I changed it back to bridge) Jo jumped off, about to do exactly what Jo did. And the setting is changed - from a South Carolina island summer to a Georgia winter - so it's a lot different.

Now, just a warning, this might not be for the weak stomached. Drew is close-minded and really, really annoying, even to me, but as the story goes, he changes a lot, and in a good way. Here it goes:

Thanks for reading, guys!
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