Tuesday, September 1, 2009


Selena's WIPs

Catching Butterflies: The story of Sam Talbot, a girl who is brutally raped and killed by two classmates and her best friend, only to discover she isn't really dead. Sam is a walking spirit, and Purgatory won't let her in until she finishes her unfinished business. 11k/57k

The Getaway: Drew Cole, a former self-destructive teen is brought unto a happier road. That is until the only person he loves dies (foster father). He decides the only way to make himself feel better and escape the landslide everyone called "life" is to go to the place his foster father loved the most: Paris. 6k/70k

Escape to the Amazon: Nick Williams isn't a criminal. And yet, he was in a high-secured detention facility for teens somewhere within the Amazon Rain-forest. The reason? Nick had killed his best friend--out of self-defense. But when he starts to make new friends and an old friend joins him in the facility, Nick sees the growing cruelty the kids are facing from their abusive officers. As time grows, kids begin dying from mysterious causes. Nick wasn't going to be one of them. So he creates a plan. He was going to escape. With the help of his friends. They say he'll never make it out. But he was going to do it. Or die trying. 17k/82k

Serena's WIPs

Outlaw: James and Connor are best friends--the kind who'd die if the other did, the kind that did each other's dirty work, the kind that had each other's backs. Connor--the introvert, is smart, kind, and loyal, while James--the extrovert, is the daredevil. When two of them are caught in a situation where there are no negotiations, Connor gets the blame. But James won't take it. They'd run away together and stir up their own trouble to stay together, even if they have to kill. 11k/60k

Finding Sanctuary: Ian is an orphan. In the dystopian world he lives in, orphans only had one place to go: The Lion-Hearted Society. A place that seems so perfect on both the outside on the inside, Ian doesn't feel forced to join. Until he finds out the truth: Lion-Hearted Society is a children slave trade network program--where the healthy are not coveted, but rather despised. When Ian is sold to a psycho bidder, Ian plans to escape. But how would he be able he do that if he was going crazy himself? 7k/70k

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