Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Teaser Tuesday!!!!

Okay, so this scene is after a foot ball game and Mary is trying to go to the bathroom when she hears something. And for all our readers who are wondering "where is this Faust?", He's finally here!!!! Enjoy.
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I increased my speed, trying to catch the noise before it disappeared. As I approached a corner two visible figures came into view. I almost ran into their little spectacle before shielding myself behind a locker, shocked to see the unnerving sight. In front of me, two young men looked as if they were having some trouble with each other. Figure number one, tall and lean, had figure number two, tall but stocky, by the collar, slammed against the locker. I assumed that the slamming had caused the loud bang I'd heard just seconds ago. Now, I felt somewhat unprotected. Great, just great.

Although my savagely beating heart begged me to leave, my curiosity prompted me to stay. I could barely distinguish their conversation, so I leaned forward, interested in their discussion.

I was more than surprised when figure number one spoke, his voice indubitably familiar and spine-chilling. "What did I say about keeping your mouth shut?" Faust demanded. He tugged figure number two's collar hard before banging him against the metal lockers once more.

I didn't have to listen closely to figure out who figure number two was. It was obvious--Rolan. "I swear, I won't do it again," Rolan said in a frightened tone. What did Rolan do to deserve this? I doubted that it was something about the football field tonight, because in my eyes, Rolan did nothing but lose. "Please, just don't hurt me."

I caught a glimpse of Faust's silver eyes. In the dark, they stood out like diamonds, only they weren't happy-making to look at--they were terrifying. "I won't do it again," Faust mimicked. His mocking tone changed abruptly. "There are no second chances, you worthless donkey. Are you aware of what I'm capable of?"

What was Faust capable of? Whatever Faust was planning to do to Rolan, I didn't want to see. "Dude, please--I'll do anything. I'll keep my mouth shut, I--I'll be your slave, just please, don't hurt--"

Rolan's incoherent babbling ceased and was replaced by a terrifying shriek. I had no clue of what happened until the shrieking stopped. My breath tangled with my throat as I struggled to step back. Oh my God. What did Faust do to make Rolan let out that blood-curdling scream? Choke him? Slap him? Stab him?

The thought almost made me throw up. I needed to get out of here. Now. I stumbled on my own feet and fell onto the solid cold ground. I found my eyes lingering behind me, wondering what would happen if Faust showed up with a bloody knife in his hand. The thought forced me to get up, and not walk, but run.

I told myself that I was crazy. That I was brain damaged and that there was no way that Faust, as strange and terrifying as he acted, was a killer. A murderer. It was a big step to take. I tried to control my breathing, but I failed. It raised a bar every few seconds, and as a corner neared and neared, I had the urge to look back. My ears perked up for any possible sounds--I was hoping another scream, to assure me that Rolan was alright and not, you know…hurt. But nothing came. Just an icy silence that left my heart beating faster.

My feet started shuffling when I could no longer hold the impulse to turn around. I looked over my shoulder, only to discover a skeletal hallway behind me. No Faust. No Rolan. Not a single breathing life form. I sucked my breath in, ready for one huge relieving sigh when I bumped into something hard.


My jaw dropped open when a set of silver eyes narrowed on me. I found myself choking for air. I couldn't even contemplate how he'd made it from one end of the school to another so fast. Especially when I was running away from him. He'd have to pass me to be able to be in front of me. Maybe my eyes were playing tricks. Either he did pass me, or I was just passed out in one of my hallucinations.

I realized immediately that he was much taller than me. A giant. Faust. Possibly about to repeat what he did to Rolan to me. I tried to search for words, but it was as if my mouth was sealed shut. I could hear my heart beat inside my brain, and I knew that something horrible was going to happen. Maybe now, I'd be dead for good.
We stood in silence face to face, his eyes slicing through air and through me without mercy. Whatever he did to Rolan, there was no mercy to it, so he probably wasn't worrying at all with me.

I tried to open my mouth to speak, but his mouth opened first. This was the first time he talked to me in all my life--at least, that was what I understood. "Lost?" he said, but I knew better than to answer. I wished that we'd be able to talk under different circumstances, but that's another thing I learned from wishing--ninety-nine point nine percent of the time, they never come true.

I tried to gulp, but I realized that all the liquid in my body was sucked out. What was I supposed to tell him? I kind of saw you hurt someone. No, really, I did. He was screaming. I'd have to be stupid to say that. I bit my lip, mustering up some personable words. "Look, whatever happened over there, it's none of my business, really…" my voice trailed off when I realized my tone was rude. I tried again. "I was just leaving."

He tilted his head creepily and ignored my comment. "It's dark in here. You shouldn't be wandering around alone." Somehow, I knew the statement was not made out of concern.

I couldn't think straight with those silver eyes cutting my vision. "I--I--"

"Don't you think it's rude to pass by without saying hello?" he said, cutting me off, and instead of feeling disrespected, I was grateful. "Don't you like to talk, Mary?"

I stepped back. "How'd you know my name?"

For the first time, I saw emotion in his eyes, a mischievous smile played on his lips. "Don't give me that," he said, and I was more than surprised when he lifted my chin with his left hand, as if he were checking my face. "Everyone knows who you are."


Madeline-Rose said...


That was brilliant. I really, really want to read more. The writing is amazing and I could picture everything that was happening. Great job!

J.S. Wood said...

Wonderful job!! I felt like I was there.

Mortem Twins said...

wow, thanks guys!

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