Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Teaser Tuesday!!!!

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Okay, another one from sixth circle. If you read the second teaser, you'll kind of get it. This scene is with Mary and Craig after he tells her to meet him by the water fountain. Enjoy!!! :D

I swerved into a corner before I almost hit a familiar face. "Craig," I said his name softly. I found him, and although I thought that it would be uncomfortable, it was strangely comforting to have him inches away from my face. "You wanted to see me?"
He grabbed my arm lightly and pulled me away from the busy hallway crowd towards a less crowded area near the lockers. "I need to ask you something," he said, but his voice was serious. The smile on my face dropped. I hoped that he wasn't going to lecture me about the other night.

"Craig--about last week--" I started, but before I was able to finish, he cut me off.

"This isn't about us," he had a type venom in his tone that made me jump.

"What's it about then?" I questioned, disappointment reaching out for me. He let go of my arm and my eyes followed his hand.

"The school's being divided," he told me. I frowned, not quite understanding. "I need to know whose side you're on."

"Divided? What do you mean?" I've never heard of the term intertwine with school before. Was the school being separated from the district?

He crossed his arms. "You're either on Faust's side or the people's side." Faust's side? The People's side? I was growing befuddled by the second. Why did I have to choose? He must've gotten my confused drift. "Everyone's picking sides, Mary. Most of them believe him."

I was starting to understand. "Is it because of Daisy?"

He nodded. I cleared my throat. The school was being divided because of Daisy? I understood her importance to the school, but was it really necessary? "Why?" I asked.
He raised an eyebrow. "Because most of us are tired of him. He doesn’t belong here, but yet, he's still here."

I didn't know what caused my brain to do something foolish, but when it happened, I didn't stop myself. I raised both hands towards his face, his skin hot under my touch, and I pulled him in. I managed to only graze his lips slightly before letting go. But I didn't apologize for my actions. I let him know I was sorry enough. "I'm with you one hundred percent, Craig."

Surprisingly, his body started to shake and his face turned somewhat saddened. Before I knew it, he pulled my palms off of his face and let them drop lifelessly to my side. I frowned once more, feeling the side of my head ache. "Craig…" I started, but I couldn't finish. I thought that this was what he wanted.

"Mary, you don't understand," he said, his voice small. I gulped, not ready for what he was going to say next. "I need time to get over you."


Paranormalchick said...

Ahhhhhhhh...Craig just made me sad :( Great snip, I'm hooked :)

Madeline-Rose said...

Great teaser! Can't wait for more!

Mortem Twins said...

Thanks guys!

J.S. Wood said...

Nice teaser. Would love to read more.

VĂ©ro said...

Aww I love that last line.

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