Monday, August 31, 2009

Character Profile - Megan Smith

Actress Mila Kunis

Full Name: Megan Smith

Age: Sixteen

Height: 5'8

Weight: Between 122-126

Appearance: Hazel eyes with curly brown hair during the first part of the story. Straightens her hair later on. Hourglass body.

Personality: Wild, ambitious, and snaky.

Friendships: Mary's best friend before she befriends Daisy Constantine, Bianca Taylor, Noel Hutchings, and Sheila Jones.

Family: An alcoholic mother and a father she never knew.

Favorite Subject in School: English--sixth period, because she's in the class with Faust.

Likes/Loves: Herself, Craig, and Faust

Hates: Later on; Mary, Her mother and Craig.

Song: Diva by Beyonce

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