Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Literary Crushes: RTW

We've decided to participate, because one: we love literary boys(and girls, lol), and two: everyone seems to be doing it :D

Since we have more than one, we'll make a list.

1) Sodapop Curtis - The Outsiders

And not just because Rob Lowe plays him in the movie. S.E. Hinton
made him so likable that in the end, we really don't care if he's a dropout.

2) Ray Singh - The Lovely Bones

Ray, Ray, Ray. How can we ever forget your adorable timidness :D

3)Jacob Black - Twilight Saga

Jacob Black is not cute, but hot, not only in the movie,
but also the book. Plus, he's protective. And a wolf. *Squee*

4)Dallas Winston - The Outsiders

Dallas Winston is bad-a**. Greasers 4 the win.

5)Sam Roth - Shiver

We wish someone like him would show up shot and bloody on our doorstep :D
And he fits perfectly because we're obsessed with wolves.

6)Nora Grey - Hush, Hush

*sigh* Sorry Patch. Nora gets this one.

7)Nick - Demon's Lexicon

Oh, come on now. He has a sword! A sword! That's pretty self-explanatory.

8)Ethan Wate - Beautiful Creatures

It never goes wrong with a Southern boy that has a big heart.

9)Cabel - Wake Series, but especially in Fade

Cabel *sigh*

10)James - A Certain Slant of Light

He is so real we have a place for him inside our hearts. Kind. Gentle.

Not a great post, but at least we participated!


Tere Kirkland said...

LOL, Sodapop. He won me over in the Outsiders, but I never seemed to like Rob Lowe in anything after that...

I read far too much YA to have literary crushes without feeling like an old lady (I'm thirty) or worse. Not cool.

My last literary crush was probably Will Laurence from Naomi Novik's Temeraire series. I love a man in uniform. Of course, they're easier to love out of uniform. ;)

Mortem Twins said...

Good taste, Tere :P

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