Sunday, November 22, 2009


Yay! We've never been so excited to edit. The editing process of Sixth Circle is going smoothly. After printing out more than three hundred pages of paper, we set to work. By work, of course reading and editing grammar mistakes and simple things that would alter the direction of the story like the inconsistencies of a character's dialogues and feelings or the lack of chemistry between the two main characters. Thank GOD, we're sisters and we have each other's help.

So while Selena reads and edits ten chapters a day, Serena does the chapter rewrites on the weak chapters. And so, now, we are twenty chapters in the editing and we have thirteen chapters to go.

Reading your own work can definitely be a challenge, though.

Well, hasta luego mis amigos. Tengo laborar!


Madeline-Rose said...

Glad you guys are going so smoothly. I bet the finish product will be brillant.

Mortem Twins said...

thanks Madeline! We HOPE it'll be close to brilliant at least, lol.

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