Thursday, November 26, 2009

Happy Thanksgiving!

Happy Thanksgiving everyone! There's so much we're thankful for, but we can't post everything on here. So here's the top ten things we're one thousand percent thankful for :D

P.S. They're not in order :D

1)Our mother - because she brought us to this world and has been nothing but supportive since that time.

2) Each other - we're not just writing buddies; we're also sisters. Without each other, life would be lonely.

3) Books - without books, life would not only be dull, but it would also be harder to gain knowledge.

4) Education - again, the knowledge thing. Without knowledge, what is the human race, really?

5) Our characters - they changed our lives for the better. We'll never forget the day they popped their ways into our heads.

6) Everyone on AW - We've never met (well, technically not met, but yeah) people who were so helpful and supporting on our writing. Everyone in QLH is fabulous with whipping queries into shape :D

7) Music - Imagine a world where music isn't available. We think music is so common that we all take it for-granted. Thank you to all kinds of musicians for creating such inspirational words for very catchy tunes.

8)Writing - without writing, we'd probably get into lots of trouble, like the rest of our friends.

9) God - We don't think this is necessary to explain :P

10) Regene, our best friend - for actually listening to our story :D

Again, there's a million more, but it would be a very long post :D

Happy Thanksgiving, enjoy your turkeys, pies, and etc!

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