Sunday, August 30, 2009

Character Profile - Noah White

Actor Logan Lerman

Full Name: Noah White

Age: Thirteen

Height: 5’6

Between 122-130

Appearance: Brown eyes and dark brown hair with thick eyebrows, an atheltic build and a cynical smile.

Careless about almost everything. Crude, sarcastic, and diabolical.

Friendships: Many friends, but the most important is Faust.

Mary White, his pious older sister. His mother Ruth, a positive wife and a great pious mother. His father, the minister turned Christian School teacher; loving, caring, yet strict and disciplined.

Favorite Subject in School: None.

Likes/Loves: Himself and Faust.

Hates: Mary, his parents, and God-loving freaks.

Song: Blood on My Hands by The Used

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