Saturday, August 29, 2009

Character Profile: Mary White

Actress:Elizabeth Harnois

Full Name: Mary White

Age: Sixteen

Height: 5’7

Weight: Between 117-120

Appearance: Big, blue eyes, neatly tucked blonde hair. A bald spot on the right side of her head, pretty pink lips, and thick eyebrows. Slender, but not athletic. Babyish face with an innocent smile.

Personality: God-loving, optimistic, sometimes stubborn. Also confused most of the time, questioning things. Educated, respectful, patient, and determined. Will get herself into danger if it means finding valuable information.

Friendships: Megan was her best friend, before she was ditched. Craig and Dillon, the only two people who seem to support her.
Love Interests:
Craig becomes a love interest, but someone else catches her eyes…

Family: Noah/Lev, her thirteen year old lackadaisical little brother. Her mother Ruth, a positive wife and a great pious mother. Her father, the minister turned Christian School teacher; loving, caring, yet strict and disciplined.
Favorite Subject in School: English

Likes/Loves: God, School, Tolstoy.

Hates: Her delinquent English Partner Faust.

Song: Hoppipola-Sigur Ros

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