Monday, February 22, 2010

My Buried Life List (So far)

Okay, so, there's this show called the Buried Life that's inspired me in many ways, not just in life, but also my writing. After watching that show, my fuel to write just sort of bubbled a little more. There's so much inspiration that can come up in a less than thirty minutes, and when they put the sad music on it's just the best. It just shows everyone that nothing, NOTHING is impossible.

So I made my own little list of what I want to do before I die, basically what the show's all about.

In no order:

* Kiss a shark
* Give a graduation speech at an Ivy League College (when I'm older, of course)
* Bathe in chocolate
* Be a part of an action movie
* Pull out 7 days worth of all-nighters (a week of no sleeping)
* Drink my first legal shot/glass/taste of alcohol
* Be in a music video
* Get my book published, and then some
* Go streaking
* Face my fear of heights
* Shoot a gun (at a dummy, of course)
* Run a six minute mile
* Go on a joy ride with my friends (I need a license first)
* Read every classic literature piece before I turn 30
* Go to Antarctica
* Hug a bear
* Meet Emeril
* Gather with all my childhood friends and play tag at a cemetery at night
* Try out for American Idol
* Write a song with lyrical genius Tom Delonge
* Join the Peace Corp
* Do a collaboration with all my favorite authors (once I'm published)
* Kiss a stranger
* Go cliffdiving off of some Australian cliffs
* Run around my neigborhood screaming "The world's gonna end!"
* Give Stephenie Meyer a copy of Nightlight by the Harvard Lampoon
* Fall in love
* Save a life or many using my words
* Win the lottery and donat 50% of it to charities
* See a tiger give birth
* Jump in a moshpit
* Interview a racist
* Go to a heaven-looking rivefield I always dream about and just lay down
* Buy my mom a mansion
* and meet the Buried Life guys

What do you wanna do before you die?


LizPage said...

I LOVE this show. And I love that one of your goals is to give a graduation speech for college. Keep reaching! Never give up on that. That's probably one of the best goals I've heard.

PS. Emeril went to school with my parents one town over...he's kind of tubby and loud. None too exciting.

Mortem Twins said...

Haha, thanks! And Lol about Emeril

Amna said...

This is SOOO cool.




ILY <3

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